I am proud to call Davis County “home.” We are blessed to live in a great state and strong communities. Our State is managed well, though we can always do better. My priorities are your priorities: ensuring that we have a strong and sound economy, balanced budgets, and that we provide the best learning opportunities for all children: that their prospects—and ours—remain bright and secure. I’m concerned about lack of public trust in our government and its institutions. We need government that is lean, transparent, and accountable, and public servants who are honest, committed, and determined to serve the public interest rather than their own or special interests. Government must empower individuals, families, and communities rather than disempowering them by doing, as Abraham Lincoln warned, “What we can do as well for [ourselves].”

For many of our problems there are no easy or silver bullet solutions. That does not mean, however, that those problems cannot be solved with determination, cooperation, and a renewed commitment to the principles that made our state and nation great: limited government, separation of powers, federalism, free enterprise, and respect for individual rights, leavened with a healthy dose of “working together,” consistent with our state symbol: the honeybee. I am determined to serve with humility and hard work, to keep an open door and an open mind, and, in all instances, to serve you and to represent your interests at the Utah legislature. The Capitol building, after all, does not belong to the Utah legislature. It belongs to you, the People, and that building and its occupants exist to serve you.