Here’s what people are saying about Tim:

“I’ve known Tim for years. He has a keen mind, a quick wit, and a thorough grasp of the legislative process. Beyond that, he’s a man of principle and integrity. I have no doubt that he will hit the ground running and serve the district well. He has my wholehearted support. I look forward to working with him in the legislature.” — State Senator Todd Weiler (Senate District 23)

“Effective legislators work well with others and don’t fear tough problems–both qualities that describe Tim. He’s smart, he’s thoughtful, and he’s committed to conservative principles. He’s also an excellent communicator. I know he’ll serve Utah and the citizens of District 18 well. He has my full support.”  — Dan Liljenquist (former Utah State Senator and Candidate for U.S. Senate)

“I have worked with Tim in his professional capacity as a representative of Trout Unlimited.  I have found Tim to be bright, articulate, well spoken, honest and friendly.  He was a champion for his cause but he was also understanding of the need to balance other important natural resources used with those of Trout Unlimited.  There is no question that Tim is qualified to serve in the Utah State Legislature.” — State Rep. Mike Noel

“We confidently support Tim as our next state representative.  We find his judgment sound, his character solid and his interest in listening, understanding and responding to our concerns genuine.  We find him thoughtful, honest and sincere.  We urge you to join us in supporting Tim Hawkes.”  — Terry & Cyrrena Welch (Farmington)
“I have known Tim for over 20 years. I look up to him. He is a man of character and kindness. He is a committed conservative who loves Utah.  We would be fortunate to have him in the Legislature.” — Jonathan Reid (Former Campaign Manager, Mike Lee for Senate)
“What I like most about Tim is his positive attitude, his sense of humor, and his listening skills–all undervalued qualities when we think of legislators.  His values and principles–limited government, fiscal responsibility, local control–are ones that many Utahns share. What sets Tim apart is the way he promotes those values and works with people to get things done.”  — Heather Groom (former President, Utah Federation of Republican Women; recently appointed member of the Utah State School Board)
“It’s been my privilege to work with Tim, fish with Tim, and share outings with Tim and his family.  These experiences have allowed me to see his character in a variety of situations.  Tim is always kind, thoughtful, and unselfish.  He is a great father and husband which tells me more about him than anything else.  I’m impressed with his calm, open, attitude in approaching issues.  He has a very nimble mind with the capacity to see issues from many perspectives, the ability to carefully analyze them, and collaboratively find solutions. Above all else he lives his life by principle and will not makes excuses. He is someone I trust to take care of us in Leg. 18.”  –Alan Peterson (former Chair, Senate District 23, State and County Delegate)

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